Our Message

Our message is very simple. God loved us so much that He sent His son, Jesus, as a perfect sacrifice for our wrongdoing. When we follow Jesus, we will overcome every problem on earth, even death. Our gift from God is eternal life with Him, a life of peace and reassurance.

Jesus has promised eternal life for everyone who believes in Him, so long as He is the most important thing in their lives. To follow Jesus is to put him first in everything - this is how we show our love for Him. It pleases Jesus when we obey Him, because He always has the best for our lives. He cares for his people very much, He calls us His family.

Face To Face

When Jesus was physically present on the Earth, he spoke with his followers face to face. Sometimes he spoke in riddles which they learned to understand. Today, the Spirit of Jesus is with us, and he speaks with his followers in a very simple way. Jesus is sometimes called ‘The Word of Life’, so we can be sure that what he says will always bring us a blessing in our lives. We believe that the most basic way to hear the voice of God is to read the Bible with an open and humble heart, inviting Him to speak gently with us.

After Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit began a new experience in the lives of Jesus’ disciples, God began to use ordinary believers in extraordinary ways. Throughout the history of Israel God had always used men and women as prophets, but these gifts of prophecy, and spiritual power, were only revealed in a few people specifically chosen for prominent tasks.

Prophetic Experience

Today, in the Maranatha Christian Church, we are living an experience which is identical to that of the early Christian church. Just as the Holy Spirit was given to ordinary believers and followers of Jesus at Pentecost, we are living this experience of revelation. This is not something which is specific to Maranatha, nor is it a secret. The experience of revelation, the prophetic word of God, and the power of His Holy Spirit is known to, and experienced by many Christians throughout the world.

Some people have created confusion and concern because of the way they have used the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But our experience is of a very gently, but powerful Holy Spirit, providing for all our needs on this earth so that we can serve God well. Sometimes we experience the healing power of God; sometimes he gives us a word of direction for our lives, or promises to solve a problem for us. Used wisely, the gifts of the Holy Spirit bring great life to the fellowship of believers.

Our God. Our Helper.

The Holy Spirit does not belong to the Church He is a servant of the Church, always working to meet our needs. And still, He is the spirit of God, part of the trinity. This is why we know our God cares for us. Our experience as Christians is that our lives are transformed for the better. We learn to care more for each other, to show kindness, patience, endurance in all circumstance. And over time, we come to know the will of God for our lives.

Revelation is like learning a language, and the more we live our lives with God, trying to please him, the more fluent we become in this language. Just as language students learn to speak fluently when they immerse themselves in a foreign way of life, we are naturally like foreigners, distant from God. But when we have the desire of learning how to please him, we learn to understand His voice, and how to live close to Him.